A Reinvigorated MarJon Beauchamp Has His Sights Set On The Top

By Max Feldman

YVCC Basketball May 21, 2021. Justin Tucker / Nine84

MarJon Beauchamp, highly touted 2020 recruit, has had his fair share of barriers but is displaying all the talent and more that made him so esteemed coming out of Dream City Christian in Glendale, Arizona. The Seattle native was 6-6 and 175 pounds after summing up his prep career with a wealth of next-level options.

The original plan for Beauchamp was to attend Chameleon BX, a personalized training program located in San Francisco specifically designed to help elite high school prospects prepare for the NBA Draft. As fellow premier prospects battled through COVID regulations and maneuver through a collegiate basketball season or G-League bubble that winded up operating relatively smoothly, Beauchamp struggled to get into gyms, let alone train in front of NBA scouts in preparation of the combine and private workouts. The Bay Area was home to perhaps the most strict COVID regulations in the country, making it difficult for Beauchamp to legitimately pursue the unique path he aimed to carve out with Chameleon. Opportunity may have been hard to come by, but his talent is ever-present.

Over a year later since having to pivot from the original blueprint, Beachaump has battled through adversity and has made his presence felt with Yakima Valley College, a Junior College in Washington. Only 20 years old, Beauchamp is oozing with untapped potential.

This season, the now 6-7 and 203 pound wing put up 31 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists while shooting 52% from the field, 40% from deep and 77% from the free throw stripe.

The numbers speak volumes, but here’s a quick breakdown of what has enticed me about MarJon Beauchamp’s skillset for years.

A crafty wing who has continued to fill out his frame, Beauchamp has a phenomenal feel to create shots at all three levels. High powered athlete who’s shown the ability to attack the rack after putting on over 20 pounds while sacrificing no vertical ability. Strong elevation on his perimeter shot that has progressed leaps and bounds over the past few years. Already groomed as a scorer, Beauchamp is primarily instinctual as both a playmaker and defender, but has flashed the tools to be extremely versatile in both facets.

I had the chance to talk to MarJon Beauchamp about his growth, what’s next and much more about his journey.

Describe yourself as a player for those who have never seen MarJon Beauchamp play?

“My game is just smooth. I don’t need to do too much. I make the game easy by getting my teammates involved. I feel like I can score whenever I want to. I’m only getting better and I feel like my ceiling is very high.”

Who do you like to model your game after and watch film on as you continue to craft your game?

“I don’t think I model my game after anyone but I think I have that Jamal Crawford finesse, and that pace that people don’t understand. It might look like I’m not trying sometimes. I watch a lot of Bradley Beal, cause I believe I can be a strong wing scorer at the next level.”

What is the next step for you? Have schools been actively recruiting you or have other options come into the picture?

“Really nobody is recruiting me right now. They will tell me they are going to recruit me hard, then that will last like a week, then I won’t hear from them again. But it’s alright, I know GOD has the right plan for me. I’m not rushing anything I am just letting it come to me. All I need is a chance.”

Although you have plenty of time, what are you looking for in an eventual next destination?

“Somewhere I can grow mentally and physically. I need the minutes to showcase my development, but I will absolutely work for that.”

What are some options at the moment as far as your next step?

“College basketball, National JUCO’s or the NBA G-League. I have been in contact with the G-League, but have not been offered yet. I am planning to go train with some people in the near future to get more feedback.”

What have you learned and how has it shaped who you are on and off the court in your journey over the last year?

“COVID is a beast. It’s taught me about trust. It taught me about focus. Most importantly, it has taught me about myself. I still have a long way to go , but my circle is as strong as can be right now. I’m ready to get work! The journey continues. There have been a lot of negative stories about me but they don’t know the real story. It is going to be a great story one day.”

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