2021 NBA Draft: Checking in with Joe Wieskamp

By Max Feldman

Joe Wieskamp, Iowa wing, made his presence felt from the jump with Hawkeyes and has put on display exactly how he can impact winning at the next level. In three years in Iowa City, Wieskamp tacked on plenty of accolades – Big-Ten All-Freshman, All-Big Ten 3rd team, Wooden Watch List and All-Big Ten 2nd team. The 21 year old has floated from the 50-60 range on the 2021 Big Board since the Hawkeyes season came to a close, but a deep dive into the analytics and film provide plenty of juice for his rise towards the top 30 heading into July.

At 6-6 and 212 pounds, Wieskamp solidified himself as one of the top perimeter threats in the nation last season. Here is a look at a group of my key numbers that have become selling points for the Muscatine, Iowa native.

95th Percentile in overall offense
91st Percentile in spot up shooting (1.18 PPP)
97th Percentile Catch and Shoot (1.466 PPP)
95th Percentile Catch and Shoot when guarded (1.403 PPP)
88th Percentile coming off of screens (1.29 PPP)
90th Percentile in transition offense (1.33 PPP)
46.3% from 3-point range on 5.1 attempts per game
62% true shooting
60% EFG
6.6 rebounds per game
19.8% defensive rebound rate
22.4% usage rate
118.1 offensive rating

I’ve become rather dumbfounded with the lack of acknowledgement of Joe Wieskamp as one of the top floor spacers in the 2021 Draft class. With a strong feel for the game, efficient, smooth footwork coming off of screens and setting up on spot ups, Wieskamp has a concrete role at the next level as a secondary, wing rebounder and wing shooter. Iowa owned the third best offense in the nation using adjusted offensive efficiency via KenPom, and Wieskamp’s ability to knock down open looks as well as when being closed out on (1.403 PPP when guarded) was a major catalyst. Defensively, Wieskamp displayed flashes of strong wing defense with high-level anticipation and measured out to be a proficient PnR defender (66th percentile.) The term sleeper is often overused, but in a draft that has garnered extreme attention from top to bottom and has been widely regarded as extraordinarily deep, Joe Wieskamp stands out as one of the most undervalued prospects as the pre-draft process heats up. Spacing the floor is at an all-time premium after the most efficient NBA season offensively in NBA history. Infusing contributors to an efficient offense is at the top of every organization’s checklist heading into the Draft, and Wieskamp is a premier option with sustained proof of success. Joe Wieskamp serves a clear-cut role at the next level and has required my attention as a top 35 prospect in the 2021 field.

I had the chance to talk with Joe Wieskamp as he maneuvers through the 2021 NBA Draft process.

What has been the deciding factor or something that hinges whether you decide to stay in the draft or not?

I’m looking for a team to give me an opportunity to prove myself. I know that I can play at the NBA level.

What are a few facets of your game or overall developments you feel you’ve improved the most since the beginning of the pre-draft process?

Throughout the pre-draft process I have really been working on shooting on the move, sprinting into the catch and being able to make quick decisions when reading the close out and making plays off the bounce. I’ve also been working on lateral quickness defensively. 

What have you put a hype-focus on through this process as traits you want to prove to executives and scouts?

I want to prove to executives and scouts that I can shoot it at a high level, on the catch and on the move, and also that I can rebound at a high level. I’m not afraid to get physical on the glass and can be a wing that helps board.

Which NBA players do you do your majority of film study on?

I’ve been watching a lot of film on guys like Duncan Robinson, Joe Harris, and Klay Thompson.

Is there a facet of your game you believe people undervalue? Anything you take pride in that might not jump out on the screen?

I believe that I’m a lot more athletic than a lot of people think so I want to continue to prove that to people.

What’s a goal or two moving forward towards draft night and early in your rookie year?

A goal of mine during this process is to learn and develop in all aspects of my game. I want to enjoy this process and strive to get better each day. I believe that I am one of the best, if not the best shooter in this years draft and will be a guy that works extremely hard in every facet.

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