High School Basketball: 2021 McDonald’s All American Game Roster Predictions

By Max Feldman

Current events surrounding COVID-19 are trending in the right direction for the 2021 McDonald’s All American Game, usually scheduled for late March. The 2020 MCDAAG was cancelled due to the pandemic, although the selections retained their All-American status. The annual All-American game gives evaluators an initial opportunity to analyze the nation’s top high school talent competing against one another through the practices, televised scrimmage and game. A year ago, FOG only missed on three selections in the 2020 MCDAAG Predictions.

Rather than the East vs. West breakdown from a year ago, the projected 24 players are listed and where they rank in the class due to MCDAAG’s odd system of breaking up the team disregarding geographic location.

Following last years trend, a few highly regarded prospects will likely take the professional route. Doing so makes the prospect ineligible for the MCDAAG. The projected will be listed with an asterisk below.

Prospect College CommitmentFOG Ranking
Chet HolmgrenUncommitted2
Jaden HardyUncommitted1
Paolo BancheroDuke3
Hunter SallisUncommitted5
Patrick Baldwin JrUncommitted4
JD DavisonAlabama7
AJ GriffinDuke10
Caleb HoustanMichigan9
Langston LoveBaylor14
Kendall BrownBaylor13
Kennedy ChandlerTennessee11
Max ChristieMichigan State15
Peyton WatsonUCLA16
Bryce McGowensNebraska17
Jabari SmithAuburn8
Moussa DiabateMichigan23
Harrison IngramStanford18
Aminu MohammedUncommitted22
Trevor KeelsUncommitted25
Jalen WarleyFlorida State21
Daimion CollinsKentucky20
Nathan BittleOregon12
Manny ObasekiTexas A&M19
Matthew ClevelandFlorida State24

*FOG’s 6th ranked prospect in the 2021 Class, Michael Foster, is likely G-League bound.

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