2021 NBA Draft: Checking In With Vrenz Bleijenbergh

By Max Feldman

Vrenz Bleijenbergh, Belgian-born big man, has rapidly gained traction over the last month within the draft media world. I originally made contact and dialed in on the 6-11 and 210 pound 21 year old back in June of 2020. Vrenz is currently 10 games into his season with the Antwerp Giants and continues to open eyes with his unique skillset just like he did for me last Summer. Bleijenbergh is pegged as my 30th ranked prospect in the 2021 NBA Draft May Edition Big Board.

Bleijenbergh thrives in the pick and roll, but contrary to the standard tendency, Vrenz’s prominence is as the initiator rather than roll man. An eye catching skillset for a 6-11 youngster who has the handle of a wing but a wingspan equivalent to Bam Adebayo, at 7-1. A versatile and decisive playmaker, fluid shooter off the catch, an instinctual defender and a high feel, interchangeable piece that can take on a variety of roles depending on his environment. Bleijenbergh is currently shooting 38% on nearly 5 three point attempts per game. The 2021 NBA Draft entree has proved consistent in his ability to stuff the stat sheet and fill it up from deep.

In August of 2020, Vrenz told me, “Everyone is sleeping on me. I like it.”

I had the opportunity to talk once again with Vrenz Bleijenbergh, a potential first round selection in the 2021 NBA Draft. Our full discussion is included below.

How’s the draft process going?

“I am really focussing on the season with Antwerp so far. Besides that, I just watch and see. Lately my name is going around more and it gives me a good feeling. I worked really, really hard and it is finally paying off. I’m not done yet because i think i’m still far away from my potential. I really want to be drafted not just to be there but to win, develop and be a good teammate.”

What NBA players do you like to model your game after? You have a very unique skillset, what are some things you’ve taken from current or former nba players?

I don’t like to model my game after someone else because I really want to be a unique player. I watch a lot of Luka Doncic gameplay because i really like how he is a floor general and how he sees the court. I think I have the same skill.

Where do you believe you should be ranked in this 2021 NBA Draft class?

“I really believe in myself. Knowing what I can do I would definitely put myself as a first rounder. I would’ve never thought about this but I worked so hard to get better and achieve things like this. I really think I can do it.”

What prospects in the 2021 class do you think you’d like to play alongside?

“Alperen Sengun. I really like to play the pick and roll. I didn’t watch all the prospect from NCAA yet but i know Sengun is a really smart, skillfull big man. If I got a big alongside me who understands the game and sets good screen it could be really good.”

What do you see as your best skill in terms of translating to the NBA?

My pick and roll is my biggest strength. I have no problem playing off ball. I think with athletes in NBA I can really make some great plays.

What do you think of being a draft-and-stash? Are you ready to come over immediately?

 I don’t want to be a draft and stash player. I want to play in NBA and win with the team.

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