NBA Draft 2021: Jalen Suggs Report

By Max Feldman

Standout Analytics

  • 15 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists per game
  • 3.8 steals per 40 minutes
  • 2.6 turnovers on 24.1% usage rate
  • 48% from 3, 64% eFG


  • Hard-nosed, high motor, relentless on both ends, impressive early defensively, can handily guard the 1 and 2
  • NBA ready frame at 6-4 and 205, has room for more muscle
  • Polished scorer with range, can get to his spots with ease, knifes through lane to finish with athleticism and premier touch
  • Elite playmaking, high IQ handler who passed his teammates open, flourishes as a passer when dealing with more attention


  • Free throw percentage
  • Freakish motor has lead him to foul a bit too much
  • Not necessarily weak, but has development to do with his middle game, elite shooting + finishing will force him to be a threat in the intermediate level


I have said it before and I will say it again, Jalen Suggs should be atop every single Big Board. Jalen Suggs has proved to not just have minimal weaknesses within his game, but he has shown a prominence in every major category as a future NBA lead guard. Thus far, he has dwarfed what I thought he’d be coming out of Minnehaha, with questions concerning his playmaking and overall impact on winning basketball. I have a hard time poking any holes in his game.

An uber athletic lead guard with advanced ball handling, a high IQ, a flamethrower from deep when given the space and a deadly first step that collapses a defense with ease. Suggs has natural touch that extends, countering his impressive IQ as just a Freshman. Skip passes, drop offs and live ball swing passes have led to high assist numbers. Defensively, he’s a fighter and has phenomenal instincts. Long arms and quick feet have allowed Suggs to rack up steals.


NBA spacing and tempo should only serve to benefit Jalen Suggs from the jump. He will be an instant impact playmaker, scorer and defender. The 19 year old provides organizational direction with an All-Star level ceiling. In a PnR heavy league, Suggs should touch near 20 point and 8 assist per game marks while using his energy and athleticism to lockdown opposing guards. Feel for the game for young players not only bodes well for their instant impact, but Suggs will be polished at a younger age than most. He should approach stardom within just a few seasons and only improve as a decision maker. He is the cream of the crop within the 2021 field.

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